Highest Self-Awareness


National & International phone or Skype sessions available

(Please note most sessions are by phone as the energy is the same to me just as if you were personally sitting in front of me.  So if you have read a Yelp review please know most reviews are about phone services).

Phone:  +1.714-363-7333
Email: Shannon@highestself-awareness.com

Shannon, Intuitive Therapist Spiritual Guide
Relationship Healing 
Animal communicator

Shannon ​ is a spiritual teacher and guide, intuitive therapist, and highly-attuned empath. Shannon has had her gifts since childhood. Through her extensive search and personal quest of studying spirituality, religion, and numerous healing modalities for 20 years she has a vast range of knowledge. She is able to tailor sessions to your own unique needs and assist you as a guide in healing and coming into your own truth of your own highest self-awareness.  Shannon works in communication with your Divine Source that is within each one of us. Using her intuitive abilities of seeing, hearing, feeling, and deep awareness, Shannon feels the emotions of others and is able to pinpoint what blocks the heart from opening.  Shannon is a licensed therapist, so she is able to give you hands on practical tools to upgrade your quality of life and assist you in making real lasting changes. She also works with adults, children & couples. Sessions are useful for individual self-evolvement as well as the wellbeing and evolution of the family unit.  Sessions can assist in healing energetically, awakens the spirit and transform reality through the power of love. By having a session you access your true divine self and connect to your true Source. This allows for a transformation of stepping into sensing and owning this Awareness of your Authentic Divine Source Self.