All payments must be received prior to the service being rendered.

Step 1: To schedule any intuitive sessions or pet communication you can click here or call to schedule.

Step 2: Please be aware the payment is a link through Paypal which is a separate step than Scheduling link, or you can use your Venmo App I am listed under Highest Self Awareness. 

Step 3: At the time of your session please contact Shannon at 714-363-7333 and she will be ready to go. Please do not call before your scheduled session time as Shannon works on the phone and Skype in a timely manner to accommodate everyone's schedule. Times are in Pacific Time (PDT), so please accommodate this to your time zone. If you are unsure of the time difference there are time difference calculators on the internet. 

To schedule any face to face services please call, email or text Shannon so she can offer you times where she is physically present in her office to be able to accommodate your needs.

Credit Card: Payments can be made on Paypal, Venmo (Highest Self Awareness) or over the phone, payments must be received prior to the service.

Cash is always greatly appreciated for in person services!

Check: For existing clients you may contact me to arrange mailing a check or dropping off cash at my office. We can schedule your session once your payment has arrived.

​Or pay with Paypal by clicking link to the services that you desire. Paypal payments may also be submitted by email to:

Hourly Sessions (All souls are the same fee - Person & Pet Rates)
15 Minute Session - $35 

30 Minute Session - $70             

45 Minute Session - $105 

1  Hour Session - $130 


Couples Healing 1 Hour Session - $150 

Past Life Regression - $230 
   (Please call to schedule)        

Past Life Regressions package of 4 ($100 savings after initial session) - $820 

Intuitive Energy Balancing - $135 


Intuitive Spiritual Counseling - $150 Please note this is a combination service. 

30 Minute Mentorship - $80 For those wanting to develop their own intuition & gifts. 


 1 Hour Mentorship - $145 For those wanting to develop their own intuition & gifts.







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