Highest Self-Awareness

  • Talk about ​imaginary friends, spiritual figures or family members that they have never met 
  • ​Talk about deceased loved ones as if they are still having intereactions wiht them
  • Sensitive to the energy of others (empath)
  • Very loving and compassionate
  • Great insticts about people
  • Extreme fondness & strong connection to animals
  • Strong imaginary play skills
  • Food & Environment sensitivities
  • Having dreams that come ture or talk about a situation before it actually happens 
  • Allergies & or Asthma
  • Wanting time or excessive time to play alone or prefer to be at home rather than school
  • A sense of being overwhelmed in large crowds 
  • Sensitivity to loud noises and music
  • Severe Bloody noses 
  • Diagnoses with learning disabilities: Dyslexia, ADHD, Aspergers, Autism
  • ​May recall a past life or talk about "I remember when...."
  • Seeing ghost & angels 
  • ​Sense of knowing how others feel before they even know
  • Strong sense of self worth & confidence 
  • Feelings of irritation that others don't understand and they often go within
  • Absolute authority or situations where there are not choices do not sit well with them (school can be a good example of this)

            Shannon has been intuitive since childhood and remembers navigating these complex situations or rather lack of navigation and figuring it out along the way. Shannon is also a Child Specialist and has had over 15 years of counseling children and their parents as well as providing parenting education classes. It is to her extreme pleasure to be able to incorporate these two modalities of parenting and offer your child and your family some real hands on tools and ways to navigate these situations improving your quality of life. 

Signs your child is psychic, experiencing sensitivities & intuitive gifts

           Often parenting can be one of the biggest challenges there is. Most people don't ever get training on how to positively parent their children. We experience how we were raised and think that was good or that wasn't so good and I'm not doing like that. However most of us don't really have another frame of reference of how to do this complex parenting job. This is the hardest job you will have and any other job comes with training. Also when you have a child that has come into this world with extra sensitivities and gifts this add a multitude of other layers and complexity to this positive parenting position you have taken on. Often parents feel helpless, because they can see that their child is struggling with some issues that are very real to the child yet as a parent you feel as if you can't relate or feel that these issues are very foreign to you. Maybe you can relate and it is just overwhelming how to raise a child with intuitive gifts and have them function effectively in a society that largely doesn't fully acknowledge these gifts. Often it is difficult for children to discern how much to share or not to share about their experiences with peers, family and teachers in fear that others will abandon them or think they are crazy. This often leads to isolation and possible depression in teen years. If this is sounding familiar these are all things Shannon can help you with. Shannon works with all age's children and can give you tools all the way from home, preschool, college, and into early adulthood.