Highest Self-Awareness

  During this process Shannon helps individuals open their hearts and minds to embracing their own gifts and talents.  Shannon will assist you in exploring your current state of consciousness, awareness, intuitiveness, and energy balance. Shannon will give you techniques for enhancing your own intuitive and psychic abilities, as well as education about self care, protection for yourself and the space you work in and ways to hold the sacred space during individual work, healing sessions, or group work.  As empaths, healers and sensitive people we often take on others energies and even illnesses without consciously being aware that is what we are doing.  Shannon firmly believes that we have to be at our best in order to effectively help heal and guide others. Being extremely sensitive this is something that Shannon has had to work on a lot personally.  So Shannon would like to give others what she calls  the fast forward ticket in hopes that they learn in an easier more gentle format. You will be given tools, exercises and ongoing continuation exercises to work on in between sessions to continue advancement. These are all taylored to you own pace and abilities.