Highest Self-Awareness

Each session is uniquely its own as no two souls are the same and even our own soul's experience changes with every breath. So each session is tailored to the souls needs at the time of the session.  Shannon uses her intuitive abilities of seeing, hearing, feeling, and deep awareness. Shannon feels the emotions of others and is able to pinpoint what blocks any heart from opening. Shannon gets in touch with what your true source is in need of for healing, evolving and what is in your highest interest for you, others and the Universe. Shannon is guided by what is in everyone's divine source, highest interest and what represents the truth. 

Some individuals come with wanting to connect to a specific soul that has crossed; person or pet and are wondering if they are at peace. This is a form of communication to send and receive messages to those that have crossed the veil.  Others want information and suggestions about love, romance, family matters, careers, business, relocation, finances, health issues, removing energies from their body, house or office, etc. And some individuals come with no expectations and just see what information or who shows up.  In any case Shannon will tap into the client's energy field and ask their Divine Source, this is the part of you that is closest with God and has not forgotten what your own unique divinity is by incarnating into the souls journey in gathering the client's desired information on past, present or future as well as the information that is needed for the deep awareness.  Please keep in mind that information that comes forward is what you need to know and sometime is not necessarily what you are asking about and some information is very direct to the point. Please note all sessions are private and confidential. 

What to Expect During a Session: 

Depending on the content of a session it can be very eye opening, it may be emotional, gain feelings of relief, you may actual feel physical sensations in your body during the session, which is your source taking in the information that is being discussed and having it enter your energetic field.  Shannon will explain what is happening during the session so you are talked through any emotions or sensations that may arise. With her therapeutic background she tends to be very comforting and knowledgeable of assessing your needs. Shannon's communication style is very soothing, yet direct and she adds humor when appropriate. 

Intuitive Sessions can be anywhere from 15 min to over an hour, see Session & Rate page for further details.

Please develop a list of questions prior to your call and have a pen and paper ready to take notes and feel free to record the session as Shannon will probably not remember what she tells you as information is coming Divinely through her.  Please arrive and be ready for your session or call exactly during the scheduled time and not before. Shannon does most of her work by phone so there may be a caller ahead of you or behind you and she needs to be respectful of their time as well.  There are no guarantees, warranties, or assurances of any kind in the information that is shared during a reading as things are in constant change. Shannon is picking up on the energy of possibilities as we still have free will.  Be assured that your readings are totally private and Shannon will respect your personal information.  Please note that you must be 18 years or older to speak with Shannon. Scheduling an appointment and receiving a call from this consultant means you agree to this agreement. 


National & International phone or Skype sessions available 

(Please note most sessions are by phone as the energy is the same to me just as if you were personally sitting in front of me.  So if you have read a Yelp review please know most reviews are about phone services).

Phone:  +1.714-363-7333
Email: shannon@highestself-awareness.com
Website: www.highestlself-awareness.com