Highest Self-Awareness

 This is like a counseling session with an intuitive present at the same time. It's a pretty speedy way to get to the root of the issues as well as many creative ways to solve the issues that would probably not be brought up in a traditional therapy session. Keoli is a trained therapist and has extensive background in dealing with mental health and well-being.  Keoli will use her intuitive abilities to look into any issue that you wish and see where there are blockage's in thought patterns, energy systems, daily routines, relationships, and give you suggestions both of traditional counseling modalities as well as guidance from the spirit realm and other dimensions in ways to improve your energetic system as a whole i.e. mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and your energetic body.

    This can also be used as spiritual guidance as I often have individuals that are seeking to strengthen their spirituality and Divine connections with self and others.  As well as explore religious or cultural beliefs that they were brought up with and how they may utilize them now and fit them into new constructs that more match their current belief systems & practices.  Keoli has an extensive background in Religious studies from around the world, so this is service is open to any and all religious/spiritual backgrounds and tailored to your own personal needs and belief system. This also includes education of ways to incorporate meditation, prayer, breath work pranayama and other modalities into your own spiritual practice and self care.