Highest Self-Awareness

​​​​​An Intuitive Energy Balancing Session is a unique experience that Shannon has designed for optimal healing & relaxation. This special treatment is a blend of many energy healing modalities working symbiotically to enhance your body's universal knowledge on a cellular level and acts as a gentle reminder that you have the power to heal yourself.  Shannon is a channel for the energy to flow through and your body becomes the recipient vessel of this energy. This creates an energetic shift and Shannon always hold the intention that everything that occurs during a session is for your highest good. Bringing many modalities into one creates a powerful energetic experience. Shannon utilizes her intuition to guide her where the energy needs to clear out, move or shift frequencies.  During a session Shannon is communicating with your Divine Source and frequiencies as a guide for what your energy body, physical body and auric body is in need of. Following her intuition, empathic feelings and sensing, using light healing, soul communication, crystals, pendulums, tuning forks, aromatherapy, and relaxing ambient music you are brought to a new frequency in which your body can heal and move into a more harmonious vibration. 

Energy Sessions can also be done remotely. Your energetic body is scanned and energy is moved just as it would be in person while you are guided through some breath work and visualizations. If this is a remote session please be in a comfortable setting and position for optimal experience. 

During an Intuitive Energy Balancing session you lay on a heated massage table (heated to your liking of course) and you are fully clothed.  Several different hand placements & crystals are placed around the body to different organs, energy locations, and the auric fields.  Usually people find that they are very relaxed during an Intuitive Energy Balancing Session and some even fall asleep; others report feeling surges of energy flow and emotional releases. Some possible benefits from an Intuitive Energy Balancing Session may assist with the following:

Enhances general relaxation
Releases old stuck emotions & stagnant energy
Removes energy blockages
Reduces anxiety and stress
Improves sleep
Increases feelings of well-being                                                   
Enhances tissue elasticity and flexibility                                         
Increases range of motion in joints
Relieves muscle aches and stiffness

Speeds recovery from exercise or injury 
Promotes well-nourished healthy skin
Improves circulation of blood + lymph 
Improves Immune System 
Increases overall energy flow

Please wear comfortable clothing when receiving an Energy Balancing Session. ​