Highest Self-Awareness

     Couples healing is designed to help you and your partner come closer together and heal any blockages, resentment, or stagnation that you may be experiencing. It is also to take your relationship to the next level in experiencing joy and deep sense of connectedness in ways that you never have. This is a unique process that is tailored to meet each couple and each individual where they are at in the moment and take it forward from there.  This is like pressing the fast forward button on your standard couples counseling session and really getting to the root of the issues and allowing space for healing to occur where it is needed the most.

     Shannon has been practicing marriage and family therapy for over 15 years and will give you and your partner very tangible exercises to practice in session as well as at home. Some of these exercises may be done as a couple and some may be an individual practices. She has helped couples heal through the ups and downs of life from premarital counseling, dating, conceiving, child rearing, finances, communication break downs, affairs, divorce, providing care for elderly parents, and lack of intimacy. No one ever tells you that marriage or partnership is one the most difficult jobs there is.  And it takes two workers to make one relationship work.  Coming together as one can be difficult; yet it can be the most loving and rewarding thing in life as well. It is a mixed bag of nuts, so having some guidance can create some wonderful results.

     Shannon will assess each partner energetically and tap into her deep sense of knowing and feeling to pin point where the breakdowns are happening as well as what each partner’s soul is in need of to heal, thus healing the relationship together as One in Union.  By being able to do such a deep energetic assessment, it allows for issues to surface in a safe place and for us to really treat the root cause as not to get back on the endless merry go round of repeating issues.



                                                          Tantra for couples

     Shannon is also going to introduce you to Tantra techniques to improve your sense of feeling connected to your partner.  Not all Tantra includes sexual intimacy, but it can. For those wanting to take their intimacy to the next level or to reignite that flame between the two of you this can be a lovely additive to your couples healing experience.  Also for those couples whom already have a background with meditation or moving the kundalini energy this is an ecstatic way to merge together as One and heighten your spiritual connection with your partner & the Universal Oneness.  This is truly how intimacy is supposed to happen and to be consciously present in a sacred space to honor yourself, honor your partner and the practice of creating a spiritual doorway to the cosmos.  Sex is a scared practice if utilized properly.  Shannon will also teach you how to harness this sexual energy, so it not expelled, over used or wasted thus depleting your life force energy.  Harnessed sexual energy is great for creativity and can be transformed into other life aspects and projects as well.  This is also a great way to practice conscious conception and truly welcome the little souls waiting to come in.  Also please note that you are fully clothed and this is not a sexual practice with Shannon present; this is an exchange of information for you to go home and practice and play with. However meditation, pranayama (breath), and Soul (eye) gazing practices may be done during session.  

Also there are no stupid questions, so if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Shannon so she can assist and guide you through those.