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All classes listed are  done remotely on Zoom so they are easily accessible for everyone. If you are unable to attend a class or see one that you would have liked to attend please let Shannon know as recordings for certain classes are available.

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Also Shannon is available for parties and events. Shannon can do group sessions in a group setting with multiple people present or she can also do individual person or pet sessions one by one as the party or event takes place. This is a great way to bring some interesting entertainment to any social gathering and it is always filled with lots of laughter, healing and fun. For rates and more information please contact Shannon with information in regards to party location, number of people and any other questions that you may have. 

In The Moment - Every 2nd & 4th Tue of the month 7-8:30 pm PDT

$ Love donation 

​Do you find yourself feeling like you don’t have enough time? Is your mind constantly busy? Do you feel like you just can’t relax and you have tried everything from medication, herbal supplements, yoga and meditation and nothing seems to be working? If you answered YES to any of these this is for you. This is an experience that will train you how to be deeply connected to your true essence which knows and remembers how to deeply relax. It helps you connect with others on deeper levels. Stress and tension will just fade away so you can be present in your life. 

Join now to get the link - send an email request to: Shannon@highestself-awarenes.com

What to expect: 
-feeling of calmness and peace
-increased connection with your true essence
-decreased stress level
-better sleep 
- improved relationships 
-increased attention span

Class Content: 
-guided relaxation
-followed by group read for what shows up with the group in the moment
-question and answer time
- guided meditation and savasna with crystal bowls and gentle music


More about in the Moment: 

I invite you to join an online group energy experience of being In the Moment.  Often we are rushing in our lives from one task to the next.  During the day our minds are multitasking on overload and our minds stay busy at night disrupting our sleep patterns.  The rate at which technology has us multitasking continues to feed this need for speed. Due to this pattering overtime this has made it very difficult for most of us to have interactions and be fully present in the moment with the task at hand, conversations or the energy that is taking place. This rush has knocked us off our Divine Alignment and ability to truly enjoy and be fully present in the moment. True happiness is an experience of being in the moment.

This experience is to bring us deeper in the present moment and deal with only the energies that are taking place in the here and now. When we learn how to truly be present in the here and now we are actually living and experiencing our true divine nature.  By practicing being in the moment and implementing it in our lives it is a much more interactive and relaxed way to be in the world. We are beings that are not designed to go as fast as culture is expecting us to go. This is a way to retrain our thoughts, behaviors and brings our energy patterns come back into true Divine alignment by being deeply present on many energetic and physical levels.

This is a collective experience of whoever shows up that evening. This will be a complete unique experience every time. We will sit in a short guided mediation and engage in some breath work. This brings our energies together in a cohesive group. Working in groups allows the meditative energies to be more powerful and expansive than on an individual basis. Once we are moving and grooving on the energy I will do a group read of what we are in need of in that moment. I may also address individual needs depending on the size of the group and the different energies present at that time.

Once the reading part of the session comes to a completion this will be followed by a question and answer portion.  Questions and comments that are being brought up is information for everyone on some level including myself. We are reflections of one another and I always say that with every reading or question the information is for me as well as for everyone in the group. This is a really cool way to get reminders or hear what we needed to hear that we were not even aware of.  This is how Divine timing, synchronicity and being really present in the moment works.

To bring our journey together to a conclusion and completion we will do a relaxation or a savasna. Savasna is a yoga practice in which one lays down flat on their back with palms facing up and this brings in the relaxing energy. This is also like a guided mediation and may have music or sound such as crystal bowls as enhancements to your relaxation experience.  

In the Moment will be held every 2nd and 4th Tue of the month at 7-8:30pm PDT

Send me an email at: Shannon@highestself-awareness.com if you would like to join us.

By Love donation basis

(Please keep in mind it take a lot of energy to hold energy for the group).

3 donation methods:
Venmo: Highest Self Awareness
Paypal: friend to friend highestselfawareness@gmail.com
Paypal: Through the web site on the bottom of the Rates page

To join the group please send me an email request to:  Shannon@highestself-awareness.com and in return you will be a sent a link to join.  

I look forward to seeing and being with you In The Moment. 

​Life with Essential Oils - $30   $15 for local Mt. Shasta residents

Are you looking for natural ways to increase your health? Do have essential oils and just don’t know what they are for and how to really use them? Have you had trouble finding essential oils that feel good and really work? If you answered YES to any of these questions keep reading. Have you looked for natural remedies and just can’t find the right research or product. Well look no further this class is how to utilize essential oils for every area of your life. This will help you and your family have a more natural and healthier life style.  There are natural easy remedies that actually work.  Shannon uses certified therapeutic grade DOTERRA essential oils and they can be found on her web site at: Highestself-awarenes.com

Book now and send me an email at: Shannon@highestself-awareness.com

Topics Covered in this Class:

How your brain works with essential oils.

Identifying which essential oils are right for you.

Using essential oils internally & externally as natural remedies for your health.

Using essential oils for cold and flu season.

How to use essential oils from everything from bug deterrents to cleaning your home.

How to use essential oils with animals and flea prevention.

How to use essential oils in beauty products and lotions.

How to use essential oils in your healing modalities, massage, yoga and holistic treatment sessions.

How to use individual oils and mixing oils.

Introduction to essential oil products that are available through DOTERRA.

(If there is time Shannon will also give intuitive suggestions for which essential oils may be most benefiting to you).

Sunday 23rd 1-2pm Pacific Standard Time

$30 $15 for locals residing in Mt.Shasta  

I would love for you to join us and give you and your family the gift of a more natural life style and the joy of using essential oils. To join now email at: Shannon@highestself-awareness.com

Pet Communication - Next one to be announced PDT $25       

This is a class in how to talk and listen more effectively to your pet. This increases a sense of connection and understanding with your pet. I will be giving hands on tool s for you to learn some simple communication skills with your pet.

Spiritual Hygiene – Next one to be announced if you are interested in a prerecorded class that is available  PDT $45

In this class you will learn healthy energetic boundaries to keep your energetic field clear and working in tip top shape. This class is beneficial for those working in a health care field or holistic energy work and a must have for Empaths. Often as healers and helpers we want to assist so much that we end up unconsciously taking on others energy and even health aliments. This ends up in energy fatigued, spiritual attachments, mood disturbances and possible health issues this class will address tools and techniques to utilize in your daily routine and healing modalities to assist you staying and coming back to your true Divine essence and organic state.                         

Introduction to Meditation- Next one to be announced if you are interested in a prerecorded class that is available PDT $25

Often there are medication classes, but no one teaches you how to mediate. I always hear from clients say, “I am not any good at meditating, or I have tried and just can’t get into it or I always fall asleep”. Look no further help is here! During this class we will learn postures, body placement of hands, tongue and eyes to enhance your meditation practice. This class will also help you develop a meditation practice that works for you and methods to stick with it. This class will include meditation techniques, a guided meditation and a silent mediation. Beginners encouraged & welcome no previous experience needed. There will also be time for question and answers.